Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rembering Tristan

My sweet Siamese kitty left this world, but never our hearts, just this last Saturday. He was my constant little friend, the one who woke me in the morning with his yowl for breakfast, and the one who greeted me when I returned home from work, and the kitty who never left my side, even enduring silly television shows. He came to adore my husband, five years later, even sleeping on left-behind sandals and clothes after Dave's many visits when he wwould return to England during our extremely romantic Transatlantic courtship. Tristan only brought joy into our lives until he left us, and we miss him terribly. Our time was limited to fourteen years, and it went in the blink of an eye. Rest well Tristan, you were a sweet, sweet boy who loved your Mummy.

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  1. I'm sorry about your sweet kitty. We recently had to put our dear Malory to sleep. We had him for 17 years and he was my shadow. Just a couple of days ago a dear friend who is a painter surprised me with a painting of our beloved Malory. You can see the painting and read about it on my blog:

    Isn't it amazing how something so small can leave such a huge hole? R.I.P. Tristan and Malory.