Thursday, July 29, 2010

Loving Animals and Walking the Walk

This is my favorite picture of Tristan, with Misty.

It's always easy to say that you love animals, support rescues, and adopt from shelters, but Dave and I really do it. It's not easy to have as many pets as we do, but these magnificent, sweet creatures may not still be with us if we had not pulled them from the shelter, syringe-fed them through illnesses related to being in a shelter, and gotten them to the vet in time to save them. There are many things I don't do as well as I should, but as far as our sweet kitties, - I've gotten that right. Dave and I preach animal rescue to others, and we make sure we practice that.

In Tristan's memory, we went to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter and saved two kitties whose time was running out. One kitty was named Dolly by the shelter, and she is a Lynx Point Siamese like our other girls. I love Dolly Parton , so the name will stay. The other kitty is a four month old male black kitten, who we cannot decide on a name for. He seems to be a sweet Mummy's boy so far, and I really want to call him Tristan II, but perhaps I need to observe him a bit more and decide.

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