Saturday, August 28, 2010


We decided that our sweet new kitty should have a unique name, and we labored over several days to decide what it ought to be. I suggested Oscar, as in "we deserve an Oscar" and then Ollie, as in "another fine mess, Ollie." In a case of the lightbulb going off in one's head, Dave said "Ozzie!" and the Prince of Cuteness had a name.
He really is the sweetest little guy, and here is a picture with his sisters.

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  1. Hello there! So glad you stopped by! So happy to meet another Victoria Magazine fan - I have been touched by the number of ladies all over the world who missed Victoria when it ceased. I am so thankful to Hoffman Publishing for picking up the mantle!
    Adore cats - my dear Valentine passed away over a year ago - she was my sweetheart -
    we have three outdoor cats we share with a neighbor. The mother was a stray and had had several litters - our neighbors caught her and her two babies - had them spayed and neutered - then my daughter became their caretaker - No one could ask for better garden buddies now -
    I hope you're having a wonderful day,